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Bank of Communications

Founded in 1908, Bank of Communications (BOCOM) is one of four oldest banks in China and one of the early note-issuing banks of China.
As China’s first national shareholding commercial bank, BOCOM has been playing two roles as the successor to a century-old national banking brand and the pioneer of China’s banking reform since its re-establishment. BOCOM has achieved six “firsts” in China’s banking reform and development: the first to implement shareholding system for its capital and mode of ownership form; the first to command an organizational structure based on market rules and cost/return rules; the first to introduce competition into the banking industry in China; the first to introduce assets/liability ratio management and apply it for regulating business operations and risk; the first to build new bank/enterprise relationships based on two-way selection; and the first commercial bank to integrate banking, insurance and securities businesses. BOCOM’s experience in reform and development paves the way for the development of shareholding commercial banks in China and exemplifies the banking reform of China.
In June 2004, with the banking reform in China well under way, the Sate Council approved BOCOM’s general plan on deepening the reform of its shareholding structure in a bid to further develop BOCOM into a modern banking enterprise under a century old national brand with improved corporate governance, adequate capital, strict internal controls, safe operations, excellent services and return, and strong international competitiveness. Through the reform, BOCOM has completed financial reorganization, successfully introduced mainland and overseas strategic investors like HSBC, the national Social Security Fund and China SAFE Investment Ltd., and enhanced its organizational structure. On June 23, 2005, BOCOM was listed in Hong Kong, the first China based commercial bank of its kind to get listed outside of the Chinese mainland. On May 15, 2007, BOCOM was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. Now BOCOM has grown into a well-established modern commercial bank operating under a century old national brand with its “well-defined development strategy, perfected corporate governance, well developed banking network, advanced operation and management, quality banking service and sound financial status”.

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